Welding and Sewing

Here at Digital Sign Services we fabricate and finish everything in house.

Above the standardised print finishing we have the machines, knowledge and expertise to offer a bespoke and specialist finishing when required.

Our variety of sewing machines cater for the Heavy Duty banners through to the lightest Voiles and Sheer Fabrics. We expertly sew hems, joins and pockets wherever neccesary that gives a professional feel and end result.

For the PVC side we have our HF Welders. These machines sit at the forefront of our PVC finishing and enable all aspects of Banner finishing to be undertaken with optimum speed and accuracy.

With these welding machines we are also able to join printed panels to create epic sized one piece print displays.

Heavy Duty Sewing

Light Duty Sewing

PVC Welding

Joined PVC Banner